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TSR Healing - Sessions

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Therapeutic Systematic Realignment TM

Is an amazing energy healing process by which the cells are realigned to their natural order as is perfect at this time?  When this occurs, our energy flows in its natural pathways and healing begins.

In 2003, right after Colleen's Reiki Master attunement, while working on a client this amazing event happened in which Colleen received this amazing gift TSR.  It changed EVERYTHING!  Clients bodies began to move without her assistance, just by placing her hands on them.  It was as if the body took the energy and did what it needed to do, using the energy instead of its own means such as muscles, ligaments and tendons, with amazing results!  She now knows that is exactly what's happening.  Clients bodies where moving in ways they were unable to previously, with no after soreness or pain, AT ALL. Colleen was so perplexed at the time of this unexplainable course she was on.  Since then TSR has helped and healed many, moving gently and effortlessly through the body dissolving energy blocks, smoothing out disruptions, and systematically realigning the body's cellular order for optimal healing (hence the title).  TSR works on the physical as well as emotional levels.  Clients experience a profound sense of peace and wellbeing as well as relief or decrease of pain, improved range of motion, soothing and possible relief of symptoms due to chronic disease and so much more.

After the initial attunement Colleen took the next five years getting to understand this phenomenon which today is called TSR.  She has received much information over the past 16 years and is ready to take this global.  

More of this story is shared during an introduction to TSR and certification classes.  Certification includes receiving a certificate of attunement to the energy and the title Practitioner.    

Colleen has students and clients across the country, and she uses TSR energy in her healing sessions with clients. Colleen has recently partnered with” A Wondering Sprit" in a heartfelt journey to share this amazing healing energy with...humanity.   


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