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Transforming Grief

Dates: Every Sunday Morning Time: 11:00AM - 1:00PM


Join Spiritual Medium and Reiki Master Mary Rebecca, as she guides you on your Journey of Healing with your Family of Light . This class will discuss the Grieving process. How we can transform our grief through connecting with those we love who have crossed over . This healing journey is one for you and your Family of Light. The healing process is to give students a new awareness of the connection you have to those you Love, through Abilities we all Possess. Participants in this Class will learn about their own Chakra systems, Calming the Ego, Creating a Sacred Space, Signs , and personally connect with your loved ones with Affirmation.
This class is Open to Adults and Children 13 and over . Anyone interested in a class for younger children please contact me directly. This class will consist of mediumship , Love , Laughter, and sometimes tears to cleanse the soul.
The Intention of this class is for the Students to have an experience that will be for their Higher Good . Some students may feel complete after a few classes while others may continue weekly or Bi- weekly for a period of time . This is a Personal Healing Journey and the time you need is ultimately up to your Journey. 

*Disclaimer* This class is not a Substitute for Professional Clinical Mental Health Therapy or Medical Care by A Professionally Licensed Team. Please keep in contact with your Health Care Team and keep them informed of all of your Holistic care. 

 For more information please email or call 413-224-1008

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