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Sharon D’Angelo is a Certified Tarot and Oracle guide.  She uses a variety of Tarot and Oracle cards to provide her clients with guidance, get to the matter at hand, discuss where any obstacles may be and how to best move forward.  Her goal is to empower her clients to make choices that are for their highest and best lives.  She is a firm believer in free will and understands that we can always change our path and move in a different direction.  She teaches how to work with Tarot and Oracle cards in a series of classes and workshops. 

Sharon is also a talented psychic medium and welcomes loved ones who are in spirit to come through in her readings to give healing, loving and meaningful messages.  She works with her spirit guides, always coming from a place of love and healing. Readings can be done in a private session or “gallery style”, in a public group setting.

She is a Wiccan High Priestess and teaches the basics of Wicca, and how to be a Divine Co-Creator in a Year and a Day Program.  She also hosts monthly moon circles, where people of all spiritual practices can gather, support each other on their paths and align with nature to manifest positive change in their lives.  

NEW!Sharon is now offering Akashic Record Readings and Soul Realignment ™ sessions.  Sharon will access your Akashic record to discover your soul's Divine Essence as well as the theme your soul chose to experience in this lifetime and the gifts you brought into this lifetime.  Also discussed and cleared in a session are any blocks and restrictions from this and past lives that are not congruent with your soul's true essence.   She is a certified Soul Realignment ™ Practitioner.

 Classes Sharon Teaches

Wicca 101 - A Year and a Day Program

Services Provided by Sharon

Akashic Record Reading with Soul Realignment Sessions