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Sarah Washington - Magical Practitioner


Sarah “Primrose” Washington

She began her spiritual journey at a young age due to her interest in everything magical and fantastical as a child. With plenty of spare time and an internet connection, she soon discovered online Wiccan, witchcraft, and magic communities, which inspired her to learn more about magic and spirituality. After a visit to Salem in 2010 for her birthday, Sarah officially began her practice of magic and tarot. Soon after, she chose the name “Primrose” as her Craft Name, a common practice within the community. Since then, she has studied and practiced witchcraft, meditation, paganism, crystal work, energy work, divination, astral travel, spirit communication, and astrology. In her spare time, she blogs about her experiences on her website, Nightshade and Roses.

As A Wondering Spirit’s witch, Sarah specializes in intuitive tarot card readings assisted by her team of spirit guides and ancestors. Sarah delivers messages of guidance and healing from the Universe by tapping into her intuition. Each reading is performed with care and compassion. With each reading, her goal is to meet guests where they are and assist them in their own personal journey and spiritual development. She also creates potions, spell bottles, charm bags, aura portraits, and more tailored to each guest’s individual needs and specifications. Or join Sarah during one of her classes, such as Manifesting Intent: Sigils or Introduction to Crystals, to learn how to add a touch of magic to your life!

You can set up an appointment with Sarah by contacting her at or through our website!


Sarah's Events:

Full Moon Ritual

Mabon Equinox Ritual Celebration

Classes Sarah Teaches:

Advanced Crystals

Children of the Galaxy-Starseeds

Full Moon Ritual

Ghosts, Spirits, and Guides

Introduction to Crystals

Introduction to Energy Work

Intuitive Psychic Development

Manifesting intent introduction to Sigils 

Services Provided by Sarah:

Oracle Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

TSR - Sessions