Our Mission and Vision



A Wondering Spirit is a spiritually guided retail store which offers a range of products and services to support our community on their unique spiritual path. It is your journey and we provide the tools needed to enhance your curiosity of something out of the ordinary and beyond yourself. We meet you where you are.

Values and company Philosophy

  • We meet people where they are.
  • We hold space for a loving, safe, non judgmental environment.
  • We honor the uniqueness of each individuals journey.
  • We honor the uniqueness of each individuals oneness.
  • We strive toward progressive awakening.
  • We strive to live consciously.
  • We prepare our body, mind, and spirit.
  • We live and respond from the soul perspective.
  • We listen and trust our intuition.
  • We evolve from inner drama/struggle to inner peace and witness from our centered neutral mind.
  • We accept support from the infinite. 
  • We strive for Peace, Love and Tranquility in all aspect of our lives.

For more information please email community@awonderingspirit.us or call 413-224-1008

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