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Massage therapy assists in reducing stress while promoting relaxation.  The purpose of massage therapy is to target tension in muscles, help with blood circulation, and provide an experience to help nurture the body and mind.

Types of Massages

Basic Massage

A  hands on mixture of Swedish, deep and light tissue, mobilization,  trigger point, and myofascial release geared towards supporting and allowing you to reach a deep state of relaxation. 30 Min. For $40, 60 Min. for $70, 90 Min for $95

Hot Stone Massage

  • 60 Min for $90
  • 90 Min for $115

Sports Massage (Allow 48 hours before a sport event)

  • 30 Min for $40
  • 60 Min for $70

Prenatal/Pregnancy/Postnatal Massage:

Deeply supportive massage to manage the physiological changes to the body around pregnancy. Inflammation/fluid movement, releasing barring muscles, supporting bowel function, and aiding in the relaxation response to help with sleep are addressed in a side lying or supported seated position. Honoring the body of the caring mother can aid in her body’s pain management and adjusting process.

Myofascial Release: 

A focused approach that aids in the rehydration of connective tissue to facilitate release of held muscles. The release enables tension pain reduction, lymphatic movement, and mobilization of joints. A slow moving and medium pressure is used to illicit the hydration effect. 

Hands on Group or Couple Massage: $130/two hours $65/additional hour

The development of compassionate touch can aid in the full inclusion of another person. In this session participants will receive message from the therapist and the other person(s) that come along. Receiving compassionate touch and gaining different appreciations for how to connect physically with each other can aid in deepening the bonds of those involved.


Scalp Massage

Deeply caring scalp massage to help relax the body and mind.

Essential Oils:

Incorporating a client chosen essential oil into the body oil of the massage.