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Mary Donahue-Boyd - Psychic Spiritual Medium


Mary is a Spiritual Medium from North Central Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. She was born and raised in Chicopee, Massachusetts to David and Lorraine Donahue Sr. She has been blessed with Psychic Spiritual abilities from my birth rite, as Her father David was a Spiritual Healer in his own rite and mother Lorraine was a Spiritual Mentor to many in her life. They both played a large role in passing on their abilities of Spiritual Healing to their youngest daughter Mary Rebecca. 

Mary is also a Divine Feminine on the Twin Flame Journey began in October of 2016, after a severe stroke at 44 years of age. My Angels were with me that day as my deficits resolved within 8 hours. On Day 3 of my ICU stay I was discharged home with no physical impairments. Shortly after the hospital stay, Mary experienced Heightened Clairvoyance and Clairaudience which led her on a beautiful Spiritual Awakening. Mary is also a Reiki Practitioner in the 2nd degree. 

Mary offers the following Services: Grief Support, Reiki Sessions, Spiritual Healing reading (where the client connects with their loved ones who have passed through Psychic Spiritual Mediumship), Twin Flame Journey Readings, Daily Angel Readings, Romance Angel Readings, Life Purpose Readings, and Ascension Guidance.

Classes and Workshops by Mary:


Transforming Grief

Services Provided by Mary:

Medium Services 

Oracle Card Reading

Reiki Sessions

Tarot Card Reading