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Martina Boyer - Cowrie Shell Divination, Shamanic Healing


Martina has always felt drawn to the healing energy of nature. She began her official energy training journey in February of 2014 with Reiki Level 1.  She continued her training and obtained her Master level In September, 2016. 

In November of 2017 Martina enrolled in Dharma School, graduated Level 1 and continued onto Level 2, graduating in July of 2018 as a Shamanic Practitioner.

Early in 2017 she met Toby Christensen, a direct student of tribal elder Malidoma Some, and was introduced to Cowrie Shell Divination. Some time later Martina began having recuring dreams of dolphins, the ocean and cowrie shells. When she contacted Toby she found that  there was an upcoming class in Kauai at a place called Dolphin Touch. She feels the dolphins came to her to validate her intended path. In August of 2018 Martina became one of a  select group of Cowrie Shell Diviners.

Energy Healing

​I practice a combination of Reiki and Shamanic healing techniques that help facilitate the healing of many illnesses. Energy Healing can also enhance your general physical and emotional well being by clearing energetic blocks and allowing your energy to regain it's natural flow. $60 full session

Cowrie Shell Divination

​​This method of divination has been used by the Dagara people in West Africa for thousands of years. ​​It is a powerful technique for deeply connecting with your ancestors and guides. Whenever you would like a new perspective, need clarity on something or want to make a change in your life, a cowrie shell reading is a great choice.  $40 per session

Services provided by Martina:

Cowrie Shell Reading

Shaman Sessions