Lynne Hartwell - Alternative Medicine and Psychic


Alternative Medicine Specialist, Spiritual Psychic Intuitive

Lynne walks between two worlds.  That of the ancient and natural realm consisting of energy healing, crystals, musical therapy and natural solutions and that of the analytical, medical and technological. She believes that both worlds are important for us as we move forward as a society, and she serves as a “bridge” between the natural and technological worlds. She believes that by combining the two worlds together we have greater opportunities to heal, learn and grow. 

Since she was young Lynne held a deep connection with Mother Earth and all life forms. Feeling the natural energies that run in every plant, crystal, body of water, air and animal/insect she realized that there was a beautiful connection between them all. She is also a born psychic intuitive and felt a connection with the Angelic realm since birth, hearing their thoughts and listening to their wisdom.   

As she got older, she researched several types of natural healing methods, including understanding better the spiritual philosophies that many cultures have towards health and well-being. Growing up in a medical/scientific based family she was also aware of the advancements in scientific and medical fields.  She saw that they were doing many highly beneficial things for humanity, however there were large gaps in their abilities to truly “cure” specific maladies. Instead the trend was (and still is) to focus and treat the “symptoms” instead of determining true cause. Lynne knew that many benefits exist within this field that people benefit from, however there are times or circumstances where additional therapies are needed in order to bring a greater balance or resolution. Incorporating natural healing remedies, or combining both allopathic (medical) and naturopathic/holistic remedies would be necessary for many people and animals to completely heal. The two worlds may seem completely different to one another, yet she saw parallels running between them continuously. To her family they were all parts of the whole world that we all exist within.

After college Lynne joined a team that was involved in saving or improving the quality of life for several thousands of people throughout the US using all-natural vaccine-related products. When the team dissolved after the product patents were sold to a pharmaceutical company she transferred out of the medical-based field into manufacturing. This was not the direction that I wanted to remain in permanently, however there was a value in the business, management and leadership skills that I learned there.

Lynne decided it was time to become more educated in ancient, holistic and psychic healing and spiritual studies. She deepened her education through training and became certified in several different holistic modalities including Medicinal Aromatherapy, ThetaHealing®, TSR® (Therapeutic System Realignment), Vibrational Sound Therapy (Tibetan bowls and Ting-shaws), Holy Fire Reiki, and Holographic Sound Healing®.  She also studied with master teachers, learning djembe and shamanic drumming, medicine wheel circle ceremony, crystal energy and healing practice, advanced psychic intuitive development and practice, energy patterns and meridians of the body. Dance, especially cultural dancing from countries all across the globe and from different eras, was also pursued as she performed with an educational based international dance group for 8 years.

At this time, she transitioned away from the corporate world and became more fully immersed within her true path: to share and use this knowledge with others to help them transform their lives with greater happiness, love and fulfillment. To incorporate both the holistic and modern medical/technological methodologies so that clients can find greater abilities to heal body, mind and soul. 

Currently she engages her time with teaching illuminating classes that combine ancient methodologies and wisdom with contemporary methods. Her classes involving crystal healing methods, crystal grids, connection with spiritual guides and archangels, dance for health and well-being, positivity and overcoming obstacles, group sound vibrational healing meditations and drum circles have been widely accepted and in demand.  

For over 20 years Lynne has been studying various spiritualities, methodologies, and have worked with master teachers, clients, and students. She has empowered herself to change her path, which included recovery from severe depression, body wide pain and feeling “lost” into transforming her life and direction. She has altered the course of her life and world in dynamically positive ways and is forever changed. She is driven to bring that knowledge and experience to others to help them transform their lives in positive ways.

“As I continue to grow and expand upon my life’s path, I am eternally grateful for all those who have helped me along my way and for those I shall meet along my journey. Thank you.” 


Classes and Workshops Lynne Teaches

Archangel Crystal Grids 

Chakra Balancing using Bellydance

Create Your Own Archangel Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid Earth Medicine

Drum Circle

Earth Crystal Medicine


Spiritual Connections

Services Provided by Lynne:

Oracle Card Reading