Learn to Walk the Magickal Path



Learn to Walk a Magickal Path

~A year and a day program~
With: Sharon D’Angelo
Cost: $25 per month
Starting: Tuesday, May4th and continuing the 1st Tuesday of each month for 13 months
 Learn about the “Old ways” and awaken the magic that is inside you
 Align with the phases of the moon and the changes of the seasons, and how aligning with nature helps you co-create the life you want.
 Study herb lore, divination, spell-crafting and explore ritual.
 Cast a witch’s circle, and explore the potential of your divine co-creative self.
 Get to know the gods and goddess of different pantheons, and how honoring them and
working with them can help you in your life.
 Learn about the elements – Air, Fire, Water & Earth and how aligning with them in ritual can help find balance in your spirit.
 Learn how creating ritual and harnessing your power can create positive change in your life.


Sharon is a Wiccan High Priestess and has been walking the path of the witch for over 25 years. She brings wisdom, passion, and her magick, dispelling many ill-conceived notions of what a witch is. (For more information about Sharon, visit her website at www.sharondangelo.com)

** This is a full 13 month program, and a commitment to attend each class is required. Call Wondering Spirit to reserve your seat (413) 224-1008