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Kerri Mahan - Essential Oil Educator


Kerri Mahan - Essential Oil Educator

Hello, my name is Kerri Mahan. I have a B.S. in Health & Family Life Education from the University of Maine. I’ve worked over 30 years in the health and education fields. I’m committed to educating and guiding those who are eager to get better or stay well thru the use of Essential Oils and Essential Oil infused products made without harsh chemicals. Come join in our classes and let me teach you all about Essential Oils!

Kerri & her husband, Tom, are avid bicyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, love to travel, and have a passion for living and sharing wellness. Today you will find Kerri (and Tom) passionately teaching Essential Oil Based Essential Oil classes all over Western MA and Southern Maine.  

I want a world without cancer. 

I want a world where you and I are healthy, we have energy, we feel good!

There are some amazing things happening right now that can help you and me!

My husband, many dear friends and some family members have cancer. Before my husband’s diagnosis we were living our lives, as many of us do, without much thought to what we were putting in and on our bodies. I've seen where one pharmaceutical helps one thing but then creates new issues. 

I believe that our health care system right now is more like a sickness-management system. There’s a pill for every ill. 

What would life be like if our spouses, children, friends, siblings, parents, and precious pets were not exposed to harmful chemicals? 

What if we invested in our health today instead of our sickness recovery tomorrow?

I found a way to do that and I’m working on it right now. I’m already seeing transformative results in myself, my husband, and those I’m working with. 

Do you want that too? 

Classes Kerri Teaches

CBD Basics

Enhancing Mood & Emotion with Essential Oils

Essential Oil Basics

Supporting Good Cholesterol with Essential Oils

Toxin Free Cleaning

Why Use Essential Oils


Services Provided by Kerri