Earth Crystal Medicine: Intro to working with Crystals & Gems

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An Introduction to working with Crystals and Gemstones

with Lynne Hartwell

This class is ideal for those who have never worked with crystals & gemstones and for those with some experience. 

In this class you will learn: 

  • When to use them and how to work with them
  • Basic energy healing methods (balance chakras)
  • Connect with the innate healing power within them and yourself
  • How to care for them

Lynne has been working with crystals and gemstones since very young. Her fascination with their energy and how they affected her in positive ways led to searching for deeper understandings on how they work with us as she got older. They helped inspire a deep passion for discovering powerful methods of healing using natural sources.

 She has led classes, workshops, discussed crystal healing at public lectures & presentations, has appeared on “Kara’s Cures” “New Earth Lifestyles” and “Time for Healing” as well as numerous internet radio and podcast interviews.

Her life’s mission is to help others discover deeper Connections within themselves, with each other and with our Earth Mother.


Cost: includes crystal or gemstone to take home and valuable handouts  


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Meet Your Teacher: Lynne Hartwell