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Denise Lajeunesse -Sound Emersion


Denise Lajeunesse is a graduate of Fair Haven Healing Arts Center where she continues to train and apprentice with her teacher and mentor, Lisa Ishwari Murphy, a Master of Sacred Sound Healing and Energy Medicine.

Join Denise for a Sacred Sound Journey and Guided Meditation every last Tuesday of the month. 

Come relax in our healing space while the sacred sound frequencies of Tibetan and crystal bowls, rhythm of the drum, rattle, and gong wash over and through you clearing stuck energy.  

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and inner peace through the transformative power of sound. Connect with your body and spirit, quieting the mind, and immerse yourself in some luscious healing sounds that relax, uplift and rejuvenate.

Denise is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Sound Healer, Guided Mediation Facilitator and Reiki Master Teacher.

Classes Denise Teaches

Sacred Sound Journey and Guided Meditation