Crystal Grid Earth Medicine

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Crystal Grid Earth Medicine
Bring a higher level of connection & healing for
yourself, others, home or work
Working with crystal grids really raises the bar with your ability to bring balancing energy to yourself, your home, place of work, or to another. This is POWERFUL healing energy, and information on how to use crystals or crystal grids can be vague and misleading, especially when custom designing a grid for yourself or another. Join highly knowledgeable and gifted crystal worker/healer Lynne Hartwell for this illuminating and transformational class. You will learn safe and highly effective
methods that go beyond what many books or internet sites reveal.
In this class you will:
 Learn how to safely and effectively work with crystal grids
 Choose the correct gemstones & crystals for the purpose or intention of your grid
 Understand how to design the correct grid formation, every time
 Connect more deeply within yourself and the crystals/gemstones to reach a true
level of healing, balance & peace.
Cost: $40
Includes: Master Crystal, Crystal Grid starter pack, Crystal
Grid Layout Map and valuable handouts.
Meet Your Teacher: Lynne Hartwell