Crystal Essence Sound Journey Meditation


Crystal Essence Sound Journey Meditation

Blissful Group Guided Meditation enhanced with crystals, plant/tree essences, and healing sound vibrations custom designed for you. 

Relieve stress, tension and pain as you are bathed in the gentle soothing sounds of Tibetan bowls, crystal pyramids, hand held drum, wooden flute, rain cascade sticks and other musical healing instruments. 

Be transformed as you are placed in a healing crystal grid supported by plant/tree essences (allergy free) attuned to your energy as you meditate.

Each participant also receives individualized energy healing, custom designed to their needs at that time

There will be a crystal grid where you can add in personal items (crystals, stones, jewelry, etc) to be energetically cleansed & charged with Positive Energy.

You will be lying down meditation (your choice) for about an hour. Please bring pillows, mats, blankets, etc so you can maximize your meditative experience. 

Price: $20

Offered the first Saturday of every month from 9:30AM-10:30AM