Create Your Own Sacred Geometry Archangel Crystal Grid

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Your Own Sacred Geometry Archangel Crystal Grid

Learn how to make a Metatron’s Cube Design, then create your own Archangel Crystal Grid.

Metatron’s Cube is a Multi-Dimensional Connector and energetically links all
dimensions together. It connects the four cardinal directions with the Earth and
Universal energy. To actively create this Sacred Geometric Pattern brings you to a
deeper connection within yourself, your spiritual journey, and with everything else in
your life. You will then enhance this connection by creating a crystal grid from the Metatron’s Cube Pattern you created.

Join highly knowledgeable and gifted crystal worker/healer Lynne Hartwell
for this illuminating and transformational class. You will learn safe and highly effective

methods that go beyond what many books or internet sites reveal.

In this class you will:

  • Learn about Sacred Geometry and how to incorporate this into your life.
  • Choose the correct gemstones & crystals for the purpose or intention of your grid
  • Create a Crystal Grid from your Metatron’s Cube pattern.
  • Participate in a healing & clearing guided meditation custom designed for you using your newly created grid.
Class Includes: Metatron’s Cube Sacred Geometric Pattern (that you create in class) Master Crystal, Crystal Grid starter pack and valuable handouts.


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Meet Your Teacher: Lynne Hartwell