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Colleen Mancuso - TSR founder, HeartMath coach/mentor



Colleen Mancuso

For the past forty plus years Colleen has actively followed her path as a student and a teacher.  She has studied with teachers from New England to California in many modalities of healing and is a certified practitioner as well as teacher in most of them.

Her passion is with teaching, especially TSR energy work. She feels that in teaching, more people and animals will be served by those who carry the energy.  Much like a pebble dropped into the water ripple effect.

Colleen has been in private practice for 20 years, most of those years at her home in Hampden.  She recently decided to become a partner with Westley & Sheila Crouch in their endeavor at “A Wondering Spirit” 

Here are a few of her accreditation’s:

  • TSR "Therapeutic Systematic Reconnection" Founder
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Advanced Aromatherapist/Teacher
  • Theta Healing Instructor / Practitioner
  • Hypnotist CH / Member of the National Guild
  • NLP Master
  • HearthMath Facilitator, Coach/ Mentor
Colleen is very excited for opportunity to reach out to more people interested in healing, spiritual and personal growth.  She will be leading workshops, teaching classes and seeing clients for private sessions. 
Classes and Workshops Taught by Colleen:

Services Provided by Colleen: