Essential Aromatherapy Workshop: Basic Aromatherapy Skills for you and your family




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Price: $20
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Presented by Lynne Hartwell,
Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist and Alternative Medicine Specialist
Socially Distant Friendly class designed to connect you to the wonderful healing power of plant medicine contained in 100% pure, high vibrational essential oils (aromatherapy). This is not a hard sell, pyramid scheme-based class. This is a down to earth physical and emotional health basics class teaching you the healing properties of the plants.
~Deepen your connection to the Earth and within yourself with this illuminating class that teaches you the basics of plant medicine in the form of essential oils that has been in practice for centuries.
~ Learn methods that can help you strengthen your immune system and improve physical symptoms, lower stress and anxiety and lift depression for yourself and your family.
~You will learn how to best use each essential oil, their safety and their properties (how they work naturally and effectively with your body).

About Lynne:
As an Alternative Medicine Specialist Lynne has an extensive background and experience with the healing power of plants in the form of Essential Oils (Plant Essences). She is Certified as a Medicinal Aromatherapist through Wisdom of the Earth and has been using them in private healing sessions with clients as well as teaching a variety of classes on Medicinal Aromatherapy for nearly a decade. She has developed Aromatherapy programs for hospices and healthcare workers, centers and individuals to help enrichen and improve the quality of life for their patients, clients or loved ones.



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