Archangel Crystal Grids


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Call on Angelic assistance for a higher level of protection, balance, release or overcoming obstacles in your life, with Lynne Hartwell

Crystal Grids can be one of the most powerful tools in helping us Connect with the Archangels. When we are challenged by circumstances that affect us deeply or we seek a Higher Connection the cleansing power of crystals used in a specific pattern or grid allows us to work with the Archangels at a deeper level.  

Join highly knowledgeable and gifted crystal worker/healer Lynne Hartwell or this illuminating and transformational class. You will learn safe and highly effective methods that go beyond what many books or internet sites reveal. 

In this class you will: 

  • Learn how to safely and effectively work with crystal grids
  • Choose the correct gemstones & crystals for the purpose or intention of your grid
  • Understand how to design the correct grid formation, every time
  • Connect with the Archangels or a specific one of your choice and connect that energy into your grid. 

 *Knowledge of working with crystals and gemstones or taking a previous crystal grid class with Lynne is helpful but not a requirement to take this class. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to bring positive change into your life!

 Lynne has been intuitively connected to the Archangels and the Crystal Kingdom since birth and has incorporated this knowledge and experience into her practice and classes. This knowledge extends beyond what can be commonly found in books and the internet. 

Her compassion, experience, and insight have helped others to shift their life and path, to experience greater health, joy, understanding, and fulfillment.

Date: TBA  Time: TBA Cost: $40

Course includes Master Crystal, Crystal Grid starter pack, Metatron’s Cube Grid Layout and valuable handouts. 


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Meet Your Instructor: Lynne Hartwell