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Answers, Intuition and You

Date: Coming Soon!!!


Answers, Intuition and You!!!

How learning to “listen” within yourself helps you move forward in life

What does “gut feeling”, “intuition”, “instinct”, “hunch” and “insight” have in common? YOU!

Everyone has the ability to understand better the answers to problems, situations and circumstances that happen to us. But how can we get the answers we need? The truth is that everyone has the “answers” to the questions or problems that we experience in life. We just need to learn how to “listen in” and trust that inner voice!

In this class you will: 

  • Understand how to “listen in” to your intuition

  • What may be preventing or blocking us from “hearing” messages our intuition keeps telling us

  • How to separate true messages from “imagination” or false messages

Join us as Lynne shares methods, tips and techniques that have worked for herself and thousands others to overcome major roadblocks in life. These methods are easy to learn and there will be handouts so that you can use them at home.

Cost: $20.00 

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