Animal Wellness

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I love and care for ALL my clients, but....

I have an extra soft spot for our four legged and winged ones.

Emotional Healing

Intuition is key when dealing with animals, to sense and feel them. Sometimes animals display what we humans call bad behavior or we even say "they are bad". When actually there is an underlying reason for such behavior. Most often when we got to root of that behavior it simply goes away and a sense of well being and peace are restored. Is that always the result? I wish, but there are times when the problem is not only due to the animal but the human as well. Therefore if the human is now willing to accept their part in the issue, then positive change can only go so far or may not occur at all. I work very hard to avoid those times and most often we can. 

Physical Healing

Often we know what is wrong energetically before it comes into the physical plane.  And we can nip it in the bud so to speak.  Things heal much more quickly then.  When an animal is sick or injured you don't want to wait to see what happens.  You want to get right on it before it takes up residence in the cells.  It makes a huge difference in healing time. 

Animals love the feeling of the TSR energy.  Some students contact me saying their pet or animals in general won't leave them alone.  They are drawn to it (much like cats and dogs eat grass for an upset stomach) because they intuitively know what they need to heal.  This is true with Essential Oils and Bach Flower essences as well.  

I will be happy meet with you and your your home or barn. Colleen is available for private sessions also teaches a TSR certification class on how to heal your pets.

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