Adam Latin - Palmistry



Palm Reading
Adam is an experienced palmist who uses his skills to assist his clients in many ways. He can use the palm to assess how a person thinks, loves, works, creates, expands and connects to other areas of  their world. His ability to perceive information helps him to offer a client unique support or awareness. He applies his skills to help deepen and support communication between couples and families.  If a question arises which cannot be answered through information in the palm he may use his tarot or oracle deck to find clarity for the client.  
Adam Latin began his holistic healing journey in 1999 when he started school for Massage Therapy. He was soon introduced to Reiki. The day following his first attunement he was led to a New Age shop where he began taking classes in Metaphysics. He has studied Tarot, Shamanism, Palmistry, Meditation, Sound Healing, Astrology, Crystal Healing, Reiki and various other holistic techniques.