Wes & Sheila

 About A Wondering Spirit - Who Are We....

A Wondering Spirit originated from spirit guided information that came to Wesley Crouch.  Was he looking to open a spiritual center?  No, in fact he was looking to retire.  However....Wesley believes as many of us do that when we receive such a profound message, we need to respond.  And he did just that, hence the creation of A Wondering Spirit.  Not alone though....His lovely, talented, partner Sheila Ayaz by his side....all the way.  Sheila brings much love and light to the shop as well as her spiritual and artistic gifts. Together they have worked physically and spiritually to create an environment to foster growth in many ares of spirituality and healing.  Serving the higher and greater good of all.  And always looking to grow and meet the needs of their patrons and clients.

 Who are we?

We are your place for Healing, Exploring and Learning

Classes Sheila and Wesley Teaches:


Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation and Chakra Balancing

Sacred Chanting Meditation

Tarot Card  Basics 101

Framed Beach Glass Art

Services Provided by Sheila and Wesley:

Charka Balancing


Reiki -Healing Sessions

Tarot Card Reading

TSR - Healing Sessions

Spiritual Coaching